Wine Club Vineyard

2018 Harvest of Sangiovese
in the Wine Club Vineyard

Destemmed Sangiovese pouring
into bins after 2018 Harvest


Becker Vineyards lets you be a part of the story...

In April of 2015, our Wine Club Vineyard was planted. Wine Club Members were given an opportunity to sponsor a section of this block. Our second section of the Wine Club Vineyard was added in April of 2017. We hope to add additional sections every year or so depending on Mother Nature. Join the Wine Club and watch your emails for more information on this unique opportunity at Becker Vineyards!

Sponorship included:

  • Option to help plant the vines
  • Name plaque placed in your section
  • Option to help prune & harvest this vineyard when the time is right
  • First option to purchase wine made with these grapes once bottled

A little background about grape vines:

  • During the first 2 years the vines will undergo radical pruning and training to ensure that we get uniform fruit development.
  • The 3rd year of growth will produce some grapes, but it is usually a very small harvest. This is also when the classic trellis training begins for the vine.
  • 4th year vines will produce a harvest at about a 50% yield, but the rootstock is still growing and developing.
  • The full harvest potential of the vines will be achieved at 7-10 years of age and each vine can average around 25 pounds of grapes!

We are very excited about the delicious Sangiovese grapes that these vines will produce in the future. Please stop by the winery anytime and come enjoy the view with a glass of wine!

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