Riesling 2016

Riesling 2016
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At harvest a small portion of the Riesling grapes (about 20 %) are picked  “green” – which means they are taken about 2 weeks prior to the rest of the grapes.  This portion has lower sugar and higher acid, which is used to give the final wine some structure from the natural acid in the grape.

This Riesling is a fine example of the fruit end of the wine with lots of green apple and heavy floras as well as a sublime note of citrus in the mouth.  This is more “New World” style, which means favor the fruit component and floral compotes of the wine.   

Aromatics: Floral notes, green apple, with a hint of sitrus flowers

On the Palate: Rich, sweet gooseberries and white cranberries, lime peel and Granny Smith apples

Wine Specs
Harvest Date
Sept 2016
Harvest Brix: 22.5 - 24.5
Stainless Steel
Bottling Date
July 2017
Residual Sugar
Sweet, 73 g/L
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Food Pairing Notes
Spicy Asian cuisine, TexMex, rich butter sauces, hearty German fare.
Other Notes
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Product Reviews
Bill Conkling's Gravatar
Bill Conkling
(Mar 11, 2019 at 8:48 PM)
I very sweet fruity well crafted vintage and grape. I have studied and drank many a fine German wines over the years. These sweet whites provide balance, fruit tones. Lend we in cooking, desserts, or even a sweet companion to a good cigar and a single barrel scotch or Texas Bourbon.

I love that it is a Texas wine, grown, bottled, and sold on in TX. If you own a successful restaurant, bar/grill, or hot adult beverage serving establishment here in TX and you are not serving this wine to your clients, friends, family, and valued people in your life; sell before you close, offer more malt beverages because you have no wine taste and your competitors need the product, and finally get rid of your wine list/menus and invest in sticky notes preprinted with Ripple, MD 20/20, and Zima.

This seriously that good of a wine to buy in TX at HEB at a reasonable price with outstanding constancy! Napa Valley, and the Rhine River Valley are both crying.

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